Designer Shelley Ferguson details how a company specialising in bespoke metal coatings added magic to her kitchen.

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What is Metalier Coatings?

A sprayable liquid metal system that can make any surface look like solid metal.

Why did you choose Metalier?

I wanted to inject some glamour into my kitchen using gold and brushed brass detailing. I designed a bar that I wanted to look separate from the rest of the kitchen, even though it was on the same wall as the majority of the cabinetry which was white. To achieve this I wanted to use different feature materials to stand alone from the white cabinetry. Originally I planned on using brass sheeting on the upper cabinets but was worried about the fingermarks and how dark it would go after ageing. After investigating price and practicality, I decided to look for a brass alternative and discovered the team at Metalier Coatings. 

Did you use the effect anywhere else in the kitchen?

I clad one end of my bench in stone panels right down to the floor. I created visual separation with built-in metallic strips between the stone panels as a decorative feature. Instead of using brass, Metalier Coatings sprayed the strips in an aged look that doesn’t age or budge when the kids toes kick it! 

Are the coatings durable?

Yes, and this is one of the main reasons I chose to use it as a feature in my kitchen cabinetry. I have a busy family home so I need surfaces that can handle heavy use. Metalier is a coating that is sprayed on, sets and is covered by a protective layer, so it’s strong, smooth and stain resistant. 

Describe the process used to produce your kitchen cabinets…

The cabinetmaker and I planned the details together so he could allow for extra production time in his planning. He then built the cabinet carcasses and strips and sent them to Metalier where they were prepped, sprayed and finished, then sent back to him and installed with the rest of the kitchen. I had visited Metalier to look through a huge range of finishes and approve a sample of my chosen one. 

(rooms) Kitchen
(rooms) Kitchen

What kind of effects can Metalier Coatings create?

They create the effect of any metal, but what I like is the variations in those metals that can be achieved. Within bronze for example, Metalier can achieve regular, smoky, chocolate, oil-rubbed and gunmetal bronze. As a designer the range of textures, colours and finishes means you can be really creative with how you use them and also find a great colour match for any interior palette. 

How does the process work?

First a binder is mixed with metal, then it’s sprayed onto a surface. The applicator uses different techniques to achieve different looks, from perfectly smooth to pooled or splattered metal. The finish is then oiled, waxed, buffed or polished depending on the effect required.  

What is the finish on your cabinetry called and how is it achieved?

My cabinets feature an aged brass patina. A craftsperson applies the product, so it’s a bespoke application and no two looks are ever the same. My awesome applicator sprayed more liquid metal in some areas than others so it has a dark, moody appearance rather than being shiny and bright.  

(rooms) Kitchen
(rooms) Kitchen

Is Metalier a cost-effective solution?

Absolutely, because you don’t need to have an expensive base to coat (yet the end result looks expensive!). The coating itself is minimal cost; the main cost is the labour to achieve the desired effect. 

What are some popular residential applications?

Basically anything you’d normally feature in metal. So cabinetry, decorative panels, handles, furniture, a feature front door – there are loads of ways this product can be used to add that reflective pop around the house. It can also be used outside which conjures up some exciting application ideas – imagine a gold garage door! 

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