Carpet creates a foundation for your interior style and it also has to withstand some heavy duty action in a busy home. Here are the questions we considered when choosing the perfect pale grey carpet for our latest reno.

What daily challenges does the carpet need to withstand?

This home is located in a neighbourhood full of family homes, so we needed a hardwearing carpet to withstand the daily demands of family life. While Rhino cut pile carpet shows natural tracking (you can see footsteps and vacuum marks) it also has amazing bounce-back qualities – even when it’s had heavy furniture sitting on it.

What environmental factors need to be considered?

We replaced two of the walls in this home with sliders to let in more natural light and get a better connection to the outdoors. For that reason, we only considered carpets with the best fade resistant properties when carpet shopping.

What look are we going for?

Before we start any renovation we always pull together a moodboard and colour palette to establish the style of the house. It’s really important to look at all your hard furnishings together as a set (paint, flooring, tiles, benchtops and cabinetry) to make sure they create one cohesive look. And flooring is always one of the first decisions we make as it creates the foundation for everything else. Gather samples while you’re carpet shopping and take them home to place alongside other materials to see if the undertones and colours suit each other. Our cabinetry and walls were a pale grey, so we needed the closest grey carpet match to this.

Which colour is right?

We knew from our moodboard that grey was the carpet colour of choice, but there really are 50 shades to choose from! To narrow the choices down, it can help to consider what the statement design features of your house are and what colours complement them. We already had our hearts set on a particular pale grey kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, so we chose a grey that most closely matched that. The other statement is our feature herringbone flooring. It’s a pale brown colour with light grey accents, so a dark grey carpet would have overpowered this and detracted from its wow factor. Rhino Portland in Silverado is a grey with a subtle touch of taupe to tie in with the herringbone.

How can it help problem areas?

What issues do you have with your house? Is it dark and dated or too bright and sunny? The flooring you chose can improve all of these factors. This house is a 1920s bungalow so some south facing rooms with smaller windows look and feel darker and colder than others. Light grey was a better choice to make these rooms appear lighter, more spacious and open. And choosing a grey with warm undertones and soft, plush pile helped to up the warmth. There’s nothing quite like squishing your toes into brand new carpet!

How stain resistant is it?

Our kids don’t have the same appreciation for beautiful new carpet as we do and think it’s totally acceptable to sneak icecream, smoothies, drinks and gooey snacks into their rooms. And then there’s the slime we’ve had stuck to our carpet! We’re also not the types to stress out over it – a home should be lived in and loved (aaaand to be honest we’ve had our fair share of wine spills). To make life easier on everyone stain resistance was a crucial factor in our choice of carpet. While wool carpets are naturally stain resistant, solution-dyed nylon stacks up the best in terms of stain-resistance. We chose the Portland range it features Rhino’s Forever Clean technology that wraps the whole fibre so dirt and spills can’t settle in.

Which pile works with our style?

We wanted to achieve a sense of luxury in this house and did so with brass accents in the kitchen, cut glass chandeliers and herringbone flooring. The pile of the carpet can actually help emphasise the look you’re going for so we chose a luxe cut pile – a carpet with single fibres each cut to the same length for a uniform and more formal appearance. Plush cut pile has a velvety look and is incredibly soft underfoot, as opposed to a chunky textured loop or sisal carpet that might complement a more casual coastal interior vibe more.


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