Feeling blah about your bedroom? Follow these tips to freshen up your space, fast

Clean it like you mean it

Did you know your bed is a beacon for over-friendly dust mites? Take time to strip your sheets and vacuum your mattress. It sounds weird, but it works! First use the upholstery attachment then change to the crevice attachment to get icky build-ups out of the seams and corners. Move the bed then clean and vacuum underneath, including dusting and wiping around all the skirting boards and window frames.

Choose a theme

Naming a theme for your bedroom and planning a colour palette gives you direction when shopping and styling. If you’re not going for a full repaint try the 60/30/10 colour guide; 60% of the room is neutral, 30% in a colour (for example, blue bedlinen, artwork and a few accessories), and 10% an accent colour (a metallic like gold works well and can be introduced in lighting or styling accessories). This is an easy way to ‘layer’ a theme onto a neutral room.

Invest in good bedding

Choose an organic mattress protector and quality sheets. Threadcount is a measure of smoothness and durability and refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch – top of the line is 100 and it feels oh so good! Use a down duvet for temperature control and sheets in natural fibres that drape beautifully and breathe. Touch is a powerful sense, so choose a quilt or duvet cover that you love the feel of.

Include a place for rituals

Add a place for a special ritual you like to do daily. This could be a dresser and mirror to do your make-up, a beautiful chair and side table to read, or a crystal and diffuser for meditation.

Add flowers or greenery

Adding flowers is a really simple way to add both texture and scent to a room. A formal posie can look beautiful in a tailored room, while wildflowers create a more bohemian vibe. It doesn’t need to cost anything at all – pick some flowers from the garden to keep it simple or invest in some beautiful fake flowers for an easy way to bring that texture.

Hero the bed

If your bed is a statement and stand out piece in the room, you don’t need to do too much else. Create a statement bed by adding a beautiful headboard in to make your bed a focal point. Then dress the bed up however you dress yourself up! Choose a colour combination you love and layer pillows and bedding. Change the look up sometimes with other bedding from around the house.

Add scent

Coco Chanel once famously said that ‘perfume is the ultimate accessory’. Scent evokes a powerful emotional response in us, so it’s the perfect way to ground your bedroom and create the feeling you’re looking for. Use a candle or diffuser to bring that scent in, or opt for fresh flowers depending on your budget. 

Get the light right

Have a variety of layered lighting that can be individually controlled for different tasks and moods. Most rooms require three types of lighting – general, accent and task. Ambient light illuminates, accent light emphasises a room’s features, task light is about directional light sources. Use pendant for statement ambience, wall mounted lights or desk lamps for reading, and don’t forget the dimmers!

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By Shelley Ferguson.