Your bathroom has the potential to be a restful, relaxing and rejuvenating space, rather than just a utility room. Take inspiration from the environment and create your ultimate sanctuary.  

Use tiles with natural textures and tones

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Choose a tile with textures and tones that mimic those found in nature. Decide what natural colours you’re most drawn to – is it creamy veined travertine, white marbled tones or grey granite-look? If you’ve got a decent budget natural stone tiles are timeless and luxurious, but there are also plenty of ceramic and porcelain tiles that achieve a similar look for less. Tile floor to ceiling if you can to achieve a feeling of being surrounded by nature.

Integrate your bathroom furniture

Consider building your furniture in so it looks like it’s carved out of the earth. This bathroom has a vanity with a tiled top and a built-in bath clad in the same tile. Having too many textures and different surfaces in a bathroom can make it look more cluttered and confused.

Let natural light in

Natural light is proven to make you happier, healthier and calmer, and showcasing it as a feature in your bathroom helps achieve that natural feel. If privacy isn’t an issue keep your windows unobstructed, if not louvres or clouded glass provide privacy while still letting light in. If you don’t have windows, consider adding a skylight that can be opened for ventilation. The shapes, shadows and pattern play natural light adds to your bathroom and the way it changes throughout the day adds visual interest and has a calm effect.

Add wall mounted task lighting

Bright light from above will create a colder look plus throw shadows onto your face – not great for make-up application! Keep your downlights in the ceiling, but also add wall lights at eye level that have slightly clouded glass and warm white bulbs for a calming and flattering effect.

Bring the outdoors in

Bring nature into your bathroom by featuring plants.

You don’t need many accessories in a well-designed bathroom but a couple of interesting natural details like trailing plants, a carved wooden stool or woven baskets add that natural feel. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and like moist environments.

Use luxurious fittings

A long, deep bath is the ultimate for a relaxing soak and means you can enjoy a bath for one, two, or in some cases the whole family! If you’re renovating get a plumber to maximise your water pressure, and install a rain fall shower head and a slide shower as flexible options for everyone. Metallic tapware reflects a lovely pop of light – choose a metal that has similar undertones to your tiles.

Up the pamper factor

A simple grouping of hand wash and body lotion in beautiful bottles adds a bespoke feel, and plump towels in a quality thread count help up the pamper factor.

By Shelley Ferguson. Photography by Helen Bankers.