The range of stylish (and long-lasting!) wallpapers on offer mean you can find the perfect match for your personality and elevate your interior. Here’s a selection of our top wallpaper trends in collaboration with Resene.


Textured wallpaper is a great way to add subtle style and design flair to a room if you love neutrals and are not a fan of full on prints. We love textures like grasscloth, embossed or woven papers as they achieve a calming vibe that looks and feels natural and won’t date. Plus they coordinate with everything! Thanks to the latest technology these wallpapers are created in such a way that they often look and feel like fabric. Light falls across them cleverly creating softness and depth, so they’re great in rooms that could do with a design pick-me-up such as master bedrooms and entranceways.

PRO TIP: If you’ve got uneven or bumpy walls, choose textured wallpapers as they’re great for hiding imperfections!

Left: Background wallpaper (clockwise from top)  MO1503, DZ1530, E388790, Quarter Tea, Quarter Linen and Quarter Fossil test pots. Right: Background wallpaper 34218-4, MO1303, Awash and Escape test pots. All products from Resene.


Abstract is our favourite wallpaper trend to achieve a modern, fashion-forward look. All are designed to create impact, but you can keep the effect more subtle with muted neutrals and pastels featuring soft curves, washed or marbled effects, or amp it up with papers featuring lines, geometrics and bold paint effects. Abstract wallpapers are great in rooms that need a focal point or strong design feature like powder rooms, and are also super fun to use in kids and teen rooms.

PRO TIP: Let your wallpaper inspire your paint colour choices. Look at the colours in the wallpaper, and identify one that will work on a large scale in your home. Choosing a light, neutral tone from the wallpaper and matching a paint to it is a failproof choice, but if you’re working with a room that needs some drama choose a darker or brighter shade from the wallpaper. For help matching colours visit your local Resene ColorShop.

Left: Background wallpaper 36501-1, Blue Moon, Bali Hai, Botticelli and Bermuda grey test pots.
Right: Background wallpaper 378040, Bone, Quarter Joss and Alpaca test pots. All products from Resene.


Nature lovers can bring the outside in with wallpapers featuring leaf print patterns, birch and palm trees, and modern florals. Our favourite is the updated palm print: the bold leaf prints of the last few years have given way to softer, more illustrative designs. These prints add life to your walls and are instantly uplifting to look at, but with a sophistication that works in the most upmarket interiors. Forget the feature wall and wallpaper the entire room for ultimate effect.

PRO TIP: We prefer large scale prints and patterns rather than small intricate designs for achieving a more modern look.  

LEFT: Background wallpaper 36505-4, palm frond painted in Concrete, Quarter Stack, Silver Chalice and Half Surrender test pots. RIGHT: Background wallpaper 220100, Bud, Haven, Green Spring, Rainee and Kandinsky test pots. All products from Resene.

Art Deco

The Art Deco era is strongly influencing design in 2020, and that includes wallpaper trends. We’re seeing beautiful designs featuring trapezoidal, triangular, zigzagged and chevron patterns, all characteristic of deco design. Colours include muted pastels with metallic accents that reflect light beautifully. We love using these designs in tailored interiors to add glamour, especially in bedrooms and powder rooms. Many also work beautifully on the ceiling – imagine the lower left design on the ceiling teamed with Pearl Blush wall paint in a girl’s room! 

PRO TIP: Consider the interior style you want to create when choosing a wallpaper. Abstract designs suit fashion-forward looks, florals suit more romantic interiors and stripes look great in more formal, tailored spaces.

LEFT: Background wallpaper 610734, featuring Ebb, Dust Storm, Pearl Blush and Vanilla Ice test pots.
RIGHT: Background wallpaper E382572, featuring Green White and Celeste test pots. All products from Resene.
Visit to browse wallpapers or visit your local Resene ColorShop. Styling by Catherine Wilkinson.